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Aegerter Burgundy Bundle Deal

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    Aegerter Burgundy Bundle Deal

    S$ 479.00 S$ 370.00
    23% Off
    Brand: Aegerter

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    1 x NV Aegerter Cremant Bourgogne - $39
    1 x 2020 Aegerter Pouilly Fuisse 1er Cru Au Vignerais - $99
    2 x 2020 Aegerter Bourgogne Pinot Noir Recolte du - $59
    1 x 2020 Aegerter Brouilly Cru Reserve Personnelle - $49
    1 x 2019 Aegerter Beaune 1er Cru Les Reversees - $139 
    1 x 2016 Aegerter Maranges 1er Vieilles Vignes (Free - Worth $79) 

    Tasting notes:

    2020 Aegerter Pouilly Fuisse 1er Cru Au Vignerais
    Wine By Bok - 9.25/10 Stars

    In 2020, 22 of the 217 climats of Cru Poilly-Fuisse, produced in the famous Roche de Solutre sector, obtained the premier cru classification, and I was really happy and honored to be able to taste my first bottle of a premier cru from Paul Aegerter’s Pouilly-Fuisse. The quality sends shivers down my spine, not because I was afraid of the wine, but I feel that the quality was way beyond my expectation! A whiff and I was happy with the bouquet, a blend of lemon and lemon blossoms, almost like walking through a field of lemon plantation. The content was stunning, my first sip, I already was sold on the quality. There was a huge amount of minerality, almost steely feeling, very high satisfaction. It didn’t stop at just minerality, the body is so rich and flavorful that gave me a “ying and yang” feeling, which meant it has a beauty of a very balanced mouthfeel, truly a very enjoyable wine and I suspect I will raise it to 9.5 stars once I have a chance to taste it right next to some top premier crus from Puligny Montrachet to benchmark my claim! (3 Mar 2023)

    2020 Aegerter Bourgogne Pinot Noir Recolte du Domaine
    Wine By Bok - 9.25/10 Stars

    2020 is a stunning production, with very chunky, deep and broad taste, quality is stunning, I’d put this easily at the rank of premier cru quality, as the wine appears to be able to age for at least a decade. For the price, they are money well spent. The choice is simply whether you want a wine that’s drinkable right now, or you prefer to age it for a couple of years before consumption. The choice is yours!

    2020 Aegerter Brouilly Cru Reserve Personnelle
    Wine By Bok - 9/10 stars

    Beaujolais wines are made of 100% Gamay grape varietal. Many find Gamay not a great grape varietal, some may even view it as a “cheap” wine. Don’t let people who doesn’t know their wines fool you, in my opinion, Beaujolais wines are really attractive, especially when they are aged for more than a decade, the seduction on an aged Gamay wine tastes even better than a top growth burgundy, I need to stress, only the taste, not the sophistication nor multiple layering expressed in red burgundies. However, when they are young, it’s not as attractive as an aged Beuajolais, although I must confess it has it’s own expression of charm, the charming sweet young girl with a very sweet smile type of taste. It seems this wine is still at it’s infant stage, as the grip and tannins appear to be rather prominent, which is a good thing, implying this wine can easily age for the next 5 to 10 years. (5 Mar 2023).

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