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Verget Burgundy Bundle Deal

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    Verget Burgundy Bundle Deal

    S$ 554.00 S$ 450.00
    19% Off
    Brand: Verget

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    2 x 2022 Verget Macon Pierreclos 'Lieu Secret' ($65)

    2 x 2022 Verget Macon Bussieres Vieilles Vignes de Montbrison ($65)

    1 x 2022 Verget Pouilly Fuisse 1er Les Crays ($95)

    1 x 2022 Verget Pouilly Fuisse Terroir de Pouilly Les Combes Vieilles Vignes ($95)

    1 x 2022 Verget Saint Veran Lieu Inter Dit (Free Worth - $79)

    Tasting Note:

    Verget Saint Veran Lieu (Inter) dit 2022 
    9.25 stars
    14 Jan 2024

    The label implies the grapes are coming from a Lieu Dit (a village with naming rights) in Saint Veran. A blend of grapes coming from “Cote Rotie” vineyard in Davaye alongside Terres Noires. This is an unbelievable combustion of a great blend. I never failed to be amazed, the outcome was really luscious; bouquet of freshly squeezed fruit juice, with body predominantly low acidity mandarin oranges with softness and elegance. Frankly it’s not easy to make a village wine with such outcome, and credits must be given to the talented Guffens-Heynen for his talented winemaking skill.

    Wine By Bok - 9.25 stars
    Verget Poilly Fuisse Les Combes Vieilles Vignes 2022 versus Verget Poilly Fuisse 1er Cru Les Crays 2022
    Let’s talk about Verget Poilly Fuisse Les Combes VV first. Over the years, we have been buying this wine without hesitation, as it’s for sure Verget’s top wine. A sip of Les Combes, it’s hard not to fall in love with it, the ripeness of the fruits, the power and great acidity. The content itself made the premier cru wine sitting next to it tasted poorly. Now I want to spend more time talking about Verget Poilly Fuisse 1er Cru Les Crays. On the initial sip, it didn’t have the vibrancy of Les Combes, and it lacked flavor as well, what it possessed was very decent level of finesse and elegance, but as usual, always overwhelmed by powerful wines like Les Combes. However, unlike many critics who took a sip and jump to a score conclusion, I followed the two bottles from head to toe to give it a fair evaluation. I can assure you why so many critics got their judgment wrong. If they have put aside a glass of Les Crays for half an hour and revisit it later, they will be shocked to find the content has totally morphed into a wine as powerful as Les Combes, and not only that, it still possessed the finesse and elegance, while the acidity is even more prominent. I have observed a really stunning evolution of Les Crays, and normally such evolution is only detected with wines of better quality (1er cru and above). I welcome drinkers to do similar experiment to find out what’s the difference between premier cru and village level wines and not just judge wines by a sip, and definitely not judge the wines by fruit ripeness itself! (12/2023)

    Verget Macon Pierreclos 'Lieu Secret' 2022 
    9 stars
    I learned that the winemaker of Verget, the famed Jean-Marie kept this plot as a secret as he doesn’t want anyone to know who sells these grapes to him, thus the label Lieu Secret! Upon my first whiff of this wine, I wasn’t impressed, as it seemed the fruit acidity was too elevated to my liking. However, all these changed within minutes; as the wine got exposed to air, it suddenly warped into a totally different style, a style that’s more similar to other Macon wines, the stylish generous and fleshy of a Macon wine. Absolutely a really adorable wine.

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