How To Store Your Wine In This Singapore Weather

Singapore is a damn hot country to live in. Hot and humid does not make for a good day of being outside or even inside without air condition. And if you are not blessed with space for a proper wine fridge, your wines will end up suffering, spoiling, and eventually turning into vinegar. Who wants vinegar instead of wine?

Your bottle of wine does not want to go sunbathing

There’s a reason why wines are put in colored-glass bottles. The UV rays from the sun can end up spoiling your wine and age it faster than it should. So let’s put those shades on to protect our precious bottles!

Heat is your number 1 enemy!

To be frank, the best temperature to keep your wine in is 7 – 18 degrees Celsius. But since we are in Singapore, this will never happen if you plan to keep your wines out in just a regular room, cupboard, basement, etc. The heat will oxidize your wine and accelerate its aging progress. You don’t want your wine to be cooked.

Humidity can be your friend

Too little humidity will dry out the cork which will then shrink and drop into the bottle. Well, sometimes that’s not such a bad thing as it gives you reason to drink! But if it was a bottle you were hoping to keep and age for a while… then that’s definitely not a good thing. Conversely, you don’t want too much humidity as this promotes mold and also ruin your wine labels.

Being straight is sometimes not cool

If your wine is stoppered by a cork, make sure you store your wines on its side. You want to keep the cork in contact with the wine to prevent the cork from drying out and shrinking. And you don’t want that extra space for oxygen to shimmy through. If your wine is using a screw cap or synthetic corks, then your bottle may remain straight, and standing.

What to do?

If you are not planning to age your wines for a couple of years, then keeping it in your regular wine fridge is totally fine, for a couple of months at least. Because you have to remember that the temperature of regular fridges are below 7 degrees to keep your produce fresh.

But you also have to take note to keep your wine separate from smelly foods that might want to incorporate themselves into your bottle. Durian wines anyone?

Invest! Invest! Invest!

If you are serious about your wines and want to keep them for a couple of years, then we implore you to invest in a proper wine fridge. There are small ones that can keep a max of 24 bottles and ones as much as 155! Now, that’s a lot of wine 😉

Three brands that we would recommend would be Eurocave, Vintec and Kadeka. These are 3 reliable names that have a dedicated service centre here in Singapore in case you have problems with your fridges. At the same time, they don’t only work well, they look damn good!\

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How To Store Your Wine In This Singapore Weather
FW Bok Nan Lo 1 February 2018
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