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Jean Dauvissat VS William Fevre Showdown (17 Jul 2024)

David and Goliath: The Battle Iconic Estates!

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Join The Pinnacle Event In The Wine World!

Experience the pinnacle of wine excitement with Fine Wines!

Our exclusive blind tasting events offer an unparalleled evening of mystery and anticipation, where every sip promises to elevate your appreciation of fine wines.

Why Blind Tasting, You Ask?

Because it's the ultimate equalizer. No labels to levels the playing field, allowing each wine to speak for itself based solely on its taste and quality. And who better to bring this unique experience to you than Fine Wines! 

This is the BEST we can put up fair fight

We're not just another wine merchant – we're TRAILBLAZERS.

As the only wine purveyor in Singapore dedicated to conducting blind tests, we're committed to offering you a genuine and unbiased evaluation of the wines we showcase.

No gimmicks, No Biases – Just Pure, Unadulterated Excellence.

Join Us In A Revolutionizing Wine Experience.

If you think you know your wines well,


Not everyone will accurately guess all the wines, and its a humbling experience but perhaps you'll reveal yourself as the talented wine connoisseur.

Scores will be tallied collectively, and one wine will earn the title of 
"Wine Of The Night"

Domaine Jean Dauvissat

2021 Jean Dauvissat Chablis Heritage
2021 Jean Dauvissat Chablis 1er Cru Fourchaumes
2021 Jean Dauvissat Chablis 1er Cru Montmains
2018 Jean Dauvissat Chablis 1er Cru Montmains

Domaine William Fevre

2021 William Fevre Chablis 
2021 William Fevre 1er Fourchaumes 

2021 William Fevre 1er Cru Montmains
2018 William Fevre Chablis 1er Cru Mont de Milieu


David vs Goliath

Witness an epic showdown between two of Chablis' most revered producers, Jean Dauvissat a small artisanal producer against the Juggernaut William Fevre. 

Compare their craftsmanship and distinctive styles side by side. Taste wines that epitomize the unique terroirs of Chablis, showcasing the diverse expressions from two winemakers renowned for their terroir-driven wines.

Appreciate the unique winemaking philosophies and signature styles of Jean Dauvissat and William Fevre, two stalwarts in the world of fine Chablis.

Vintage Comparisons

Experience the contrast between the 2018 and 2021 vintages from each winemaker, deepening your understanding of how vintage variation impacts the character and aging potential of Chablis wines.

Premier Cru Perfection

Savor Premier Cru wines from both domains, including 2021 Jean Dauvissat Chablis 1er Cru Fourchaumes and 2021 William Fevre 1er Cru Montmains, highlighting the pinnacle of Chablis quality.

Sharpen Your Tasting Skills

Sharpen your tasting skills with guided insights, discerning the subtle nuances between Premier Crus and village-level Chablis. Challenge your senses and wine knowledge in a blind tasting format, enhancing the excitement as you discern the nuanced differences between the wines of Jean Dauvissat and William Fevre.

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Refunds will be made if event is cancelled.

Date & Time
Wednesday July 17, 2024
19:0021:00 (Asia/Singapore)

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#06-06 (Lobby 4)
Singapore 338729
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