Dassai 23 Junmai Daiginjo 獺祭 二割三分 純米大吟釀 - 720ml | Fine Wines Pte Ltd
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Dassai 23 Junmai Daiginjo 獺祭 二割三分 純米大吟釀 - 720ml


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Dassai 23 Junmai Daiginjo 獺祭 二割三分 純米大吟釀 - 720ml

S$ 135.00 S$ 125.00
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Brand: Dassai

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Wine With Bok - 9.25/10 Stars

I have reported about Asahitaka sake in the past, please refer to Asahitaka Tokubetsu Honjozo Yamagata Prefecture | Fine Wines Pte Ltd. I have changed my drinking habit and I much prefer warm sake over cold sake nowadays. Apart from health reason not to have cold drinks, when sake is being drank warm, it has it’s own charm and actually reveals the true character of sake. When sake is chilled, it masked some crucial taste elements like the sourness and acidity of the rice, and the taste of rice. Drink it warm is the traditional way of appreciating the true colors of good and bad sake. For my experience, when drinking warm, one can easily detect the unwanted acidity, a good Junmai Daiginjio should not possess any of the residual sourness and acidity from the brewing. Such is the case with Dassai 23. As you may have known, Asahitaka is made from the maker of Juyondai, it’s a rather cheap proposition compared to Juyondai, thus the unwanted sourness and acidity from the rather not-so-pure rice is exemplified. However, tonight I am in favor of Asahitaka over Dassai; the taste of Asahitaka is richer with full bodied presence, it somehow overwhelmed Dassai. Dassai has slight hollowness in the body, although she obviously has it’s own beauty of softness, elegance and finesse. It’s a strange match up with totally different price range and different category of sake classification. However, such is the fun of having comparison! 1/2024

Wine With Bok - 9.25/10 Stars

 This is one of the finest polishing of the rice amongst many sakes from Japan. The 23 means that the rice was milled away 77%, left with 23% to brew this sake. Very fragrant nose mingled with cantaloupe, almost like top grade sakes. The result was a super smooth, clean and clear taste. This sake deserves some attention when you’re out dining on Japanese food.


Country Japan
Volume 720ml
Prefecture Yamaguchi
Brand Dassai

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