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Jean Dauvissat

Fabien Dauvissat, following in the footsteps of his father Jean Dauvissat, assumed control of the extensive Chablis estate and initiated a series of bold transformations. While his father primarily focused on cultivating grapes across nearly 53 acres and 53 diverse parcels spanning Petit Chablis to Premier Cru across seven communes, supplying quality grapes to a major negociant house, Fabien harbored a different vision. Belonging to a generation that champions excellence over mere adequacy, Fabien set his sights on elevating the domain's status from producing good to exceptional Chablis. Embracing organic practices, he eschewed weed killers, chemical fertilizers, and systemics, relying solely on copper and sulfur. Chardonnay, known for its prolific yields, necessitates vigilant yield management to ensure optimal ripening and sugar concentration. Winter pruning is crucial, limiting grape bunches to maintain control over yields. Yet, the journey from pruning to harvest is fraught with variables; aiming for 60 hl/ha might yield only 40 due to unpredictable factors. Acknowledging that quality often demands risk-taking, Fabien embraces the gamble wholeheartedly. Despite reducing the domain's wine output from his father's era to his targeted levels, Fabien has swiftly garnered acclaim, establishing himself as a noteworthy winemaker despite his youth.

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